Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recap: The Colored Museum

Saturday. October 9th 2010. 7:00pm. The final night of
The Colored Museum.

The ActNow Staff man their stations. Juanita and Hugh work the door. Greg sets up The Great Room. Shirley prepares the music she will be playing throughout the show. Aaron and Bill are running around making sure everything is just right. 8:20pm. The lights dim and the show starts.

After providing all our wonderful guests with complimentary drinks I waited by the door for the right time to enter. I found my opportunity when the crowd burst into boisterous laughter. I missed the joke, but luckily for me there were tons more to come.

George C. Wolfe's brilliant and timeless play lampoons African American culture through a series vignettes. The production began with a stewardess and ended with a party girl. Weaved throughout was a soldier, talking wigs, Lala, Big Mama, Aunt Ethel, a man who saved The Temptations, Essence magazine come to life and the fabulously tantalizing Miss Roj. **Side note: I learned that you are to address Miss Roj in no other way then Miss Roj. Do not call her out her name or she will SNAP you out something fierce! I see you Miss Roj;)

The interactive play had the crowd laughing, gasping, shouting, singing, snappin' and knodding our heads in agreement. The actors brilliantly brought these characters to life and even touched upon current events such as Bishop Long and the recent rash of teen bullying and suicides. It was great to see how Wolfe's play can evolve while still remaining true to the story.

We have all, in one form or another, dealt with the struggles of these characters. It is our own personal experience that allowed us to connect with the stories despite the heavy satirical component. Simpley put, The Colored Museum was our experience.

A special thank you to Bill Johnson for leading an amazing troupe of actors and gracing use with his 36 triple D's. And a great big thanks to the Sexy, Sparkling and Supportive cast who can make even a set change utterly entertaining.

Below are some pictures from the show and afterparty. Enjoy!

Monday, October 4, 2010


This Friday ActNow presents The Colored Museum! Director Bill Johnson is tirelessly putting the finishing touches on the play, but he was able to quickly answer some questions I had for him.
Check them out below.

What is The Colored Museum?
A classic piece of American Theater that examines the African American Experience.

What made you want to bring the play to the ActNow Stage?
It's timeless, thought provoking, character driven and entertaining.

Why should people come out and see this play?
The timeless message presented by the sexiest cast in the world.

Finally, can you sum up The Colored Museum in three words? Fantastic, Fabulous, Fun.

Hope to see you there!

October 7th, 8th, 9th @ 8pm
Tickets :$15

At the South Oxford Space
138 South Oxford St.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217

C train to Lafayette
G train to Fulton St.
B,D,Q,R,2,3,4,5 to Atlantic Ave.