Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview with Amyre Loomis

Amyre Loomis, Communications Director for NYC Council Member Letitia James, answered a few questions about the importance of Brooklyn and why the arts must remain a staple in our beloved city.

What is it about Brooklyn that motivates you to work tirelessly for your community?

Brooklyn is a jewel, it captured my heart because of such positive energy here, and I view it as one of the foremost cultural arts districts in the world. First of all, the foundation of downtown and central Brooklyn is its stunning architecture; this combined with old trees and an international, urban sensibility is magical - love this village. Also, I feel that the higher power brought me here (from MI), and gotta keep following His lead.

What effect do you hope to achieve with programs that bring more films to Brooklyn?
My hope is to offer options for fellowship opportunities and cultural experiences within the community, as well as entertainment choices - from and for people of color. It’s a thrill to play a small role in the telling of our stories, and creating more exposure of the black intellectual culture. We must share who we are, or our history may be told by others, or lost, right?

Why is it important to have ActNow's New Voices In Black Cinema at BAM?

ActNow's New Voices In Black Cinema’s programming helps to provide diversity and attracts new audiences for BAM! On this note, ActNow and Council Member James should be commended for creating more opportunities within the arts for people of color. I also want to say congratulations to all involved with ActNow Foundation for continuing to host significant, cultural events throughout the year - you are the bomb.

Are you excited for the Nurse. Fighter. Boy screening?

I really am. I had a chance to watch the film once at ActNow’s office on a computer, and I know the film’s saturated colors & natural settings will move me much while viewing it on the big screen. The music is soulful and soothing too. For me Nurse.Fighter.Boy is a realistic, spiritual drama - a hopeful modern film that deals with coincidences and connections, love and loss. The film experience is refreshing with great acting and writing, and its themes remind viewers to pay attention to the messages that the universe is sending us all the time. Also, the film reminds me that the small moments in life really are most important.

Please join us tonight as we screen Nurse. Fighter. Boy and celebrate the end of our season. Here is all the information one more time :)

Tonight Monday November 8, 2010.

30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
4:30pm, 6:50pm* & 9:30pm.
General Admission: $12
BAM Cinema Club members: $7

*After party in the lobby. Mix and mingle with movie lovers and the ActNow staff*


  1. Barring the fact that I live in Harlem (another architectural and culturally enriched neighborhood), I absolutely agree with Amyre on their feelings about the 'jeweled village' also known as Brooklyn!

    As a viewer, I feel it is important that those in the arts space continue to highlight what is available to all in BK - stories and places to hear/view them. Thanks, ActNow!

  2. Aaron Ingram is founder and director of ActNow Foundation. R.I.P., 1958-2012.