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ACT NOW: New Voices In Black Cinema Festival

Exciting ActNow News! See below:

ACT NOW: New Voices In Black Cinema Festival
February 4th-9th at BAM Rose Cinemas

ActNow Foundation is a film & theater organization that focuses on the minority experience in the United States and abroad. By showcasing diverse artists, they take audiences on a journey
that enriches their cultural background with stories about race, love, family, self-empowerment,cultural and class differences that shows how everyone shares the same human struggle for

A new, bold addition to our ActNow: New Voices In Black Cinema ongoing partnership with BAMcinĂ©matek (www.BAM.org) and NYC Council Member Letitia James’ office, our New Voices in Black Cinema Festival is a multi-genre showcase of quality Black movies geared towards getting general and new audiences to appreciate numerous independent films from and by the African diaspora. Choosing excellence over spectacle and boldness over standard fare, New Voices pushes the gamut of showing how film explores Black society and provides exhibition to new voices, and existing ones, that represent this rich and diverse culture,proudly putting them on display with our partners at BAMcinĂ©matek.

Whether the films are contemporary or period pieces, drama or comedy, science fiction or
animated, the purpose of this series is to give filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their films
on a grand stage where they can develop opportunities for limited distribution and create buzz for future industry contacts.

*No longer accepting Feature Film submissions*
Short Film submission deadline is December 29, 2010

Eligibility Requirements

• Short Films (live action or animation) must be no longer than 30 minutes.
• Films must tell a story of the Black experience or feature a person of African descent in the leading roles.
• While not required for eligibility, premiere status is one of the
factors considered
when determining a film’s acceptance
• For submission purposes, preview DVDs may be works-in-progress, films with temporary soundtracks or digital outputs.
• Filmmakers must deliver final format in advance (as indicated below)
• Films that had limited screenings up to 2008 are welcome
• International films are welcome

Submission Materials (must be sent all in one package)

• Completed submission form
• (1) Preview screener
• Film synopsis (100 words or less)
• Press kit on CD or emailed (film stills, film credits, director/writer bios and headshots)
• Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) for return of screeners (optional)

Screening Requirements
If your film is selected, please be advised that we will require:
Final print on 16mm, 35mm print, Mini-DV, HDcam, or BetcamSP (You will get back your master)

Photo stills (high resolution, color and/or black & white)

Film trailers, clip reels, posters, postcards (optional)
Agreement is non-exclusive.

--You retain the rights to your film and film materials.

--You are responsible for obtaining the rights and clearances pertaining to your film.


For DVD submissions, we require standard commercial 5-1/4 x 7-1/2 DVD cases or in a smaller hard plastic casing.

For all submissions, include the film title (in English) and the running time on the cover of the DVD packaging and/or on the DVD itself. If submitting a work-in-progress, indicate the elements that are incomplete on the DVD packaging.

Multiple Entries
You may submit more than one film, but each one must be on a separate DVD and must be accompanied by its own completed submission form.

All costs for shipping submission materials to and from ANF’s Brooklyn, NY office are the responsibility of the sender. Ship your DVDs in a bubble pack envelope. ActNow Foundation is not responsible for damage to submitted materials incurred in shipping.

International Entries
All entries from outside the US should be sent Air Mail Registered by a parcel express service. We cannot accept entries shipped via air freight if customs and delivery fees have not been paid.

All materials must be sent to:

ActNow Foundation
138 South Oxford Street
Studio C
Brooklyn, NY 11217
attn: New Voices In Black Cinema

If there are any issues or questions email us at – info@actnowproduction.org

or call (347) 274-0563

Please click here to fill out the submission form.

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