Monday, January 17, 2011


ActNow's New Voices in Black Cinema Film Festival is in a couple of weeks and we at ActNow are so excited to share these films with you. I recommend purchasing your tickets NOW. You do not want to be shut out of this event. Take a look at our trailer for the festival below.

This festival will feature a film for everybody. Pick out your film and purchase your tickets NOW.

Friday, February 4

2pm: Heart of Stone (Q&A with director Beth Toni Kruvant)

4:30pm: SUS

6:50pm: Night Catches Us (Q&A with director Tanya Hamilton moderated by film critic Melissa Anderson)

9:30pm: Black August (Q&A with director dream hampton)

Saturday, February 5

6:50pm: I Will Follow (Q&A with director Ava DuVernay)

9:30pm: Coming Back for More (Q&A with director Willem Alkema)

Sunday, February 6

6:50pm: Coming Back for More

9:15pm: Black August

Monday, February 7

4:30pm: Night Catches Us

6:50pm: Money Matters (Q&A with director Ryan Richmond)

9:30pm: SUS (Q&A with director Robert Heath)

Wednesday, February 9

4:30pm: Heart of Stone

7pm: Brooklyn Block Shorts (Q&A with directors)

9:30pm: Chameleon Street

Which film are you most looking forward to seeing?
Tell us in the comments below :)


  1. umm... Dante Smith AND Rashid Lonnie Lynn... in the same film?!

    (Oh, I'm talking about Black August, by the way.)

    What a great line up. Indie films seem to take a certain care with their scripting and direction and do not rely so much on special effects and Super Actors who have won Oscars times over. Each small film I've viewed are engaging and approachable.

    I'm excited about the Festival and I'll be sure to bring a friend.

  2. Night Catches Us has caught me..."you cant go on until you go back" is so profound and true. So many times we ask ourselves why we do not feel like we are moving forward and the simple truth is there is something unresolved holding us back. I am very excited about this film.

    It always amazes me that immediate Oscar nods never seem to look in the direction of certain films but hey maybe I'm just an overly conscious, racially sensitive black woman.

  3. Chameleon Street of course! Rarely screened masterpiece. On my top ten all time film list.

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Raymond, check back soon for an interview with THE WENDELL B. HARRIS JR.!

  5. Chameleon Street!!

  6. Looking forward to the Black August film and Chameleon Street - both have a special place in the hearts of the hip hop nation.

  7. Great job with the Wendell Interview T!!