Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interview with Clint Dyer

Clint Dyer is the actor and producer of the film SUS and I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions about SUS. If one of your questions were not answered here please come to the screening on Monday February 7th at 9:30pm. Clint Dyer will be present and you can ask him a question yourself.

Before you check out the interview view the trailer for SUS.

Now on to the interview.

You were involved in the stage version of SUS. How did you get involved in the play and how did you find yourself starring in the film?

I performed the play ten years ago and was offered it again. On reading it I remembered how fantastic it was and decided to make it happen as a film as well as doing the new stage production.

What lessons did you learn while filming SUS?

Producing and acting at the same time is tough!

What challenges did you incur while acting in such a powerful film?

Having to stay in that emotional head space for so long was hardest.

Did you face any objections bringing sus laws to light?

Yes we had objections from Angela Rippon and Anna Ford two news readers who are mentioned in the play and featured in the film (but had to be cut out of the film). Apart from them everyone was very happy a message and film like SUS was being put out there, as the problems with Racism are still a big problem in the UK.

What impact do you think this film will have on our Brooklyn audience?

I can only hope that the response will be one of empathy, anger and some kind of hope, in that we are able to show our experiences in an entertaining heartfelt way.

How will audiences who have seen both stage version of SUS react to the film adaptation?

I think they will react the same.....nothing is diluted, possibly it is enhanced.

What can you tell us about your next project?

It will be a film called FAM which I have co-written to which I will act in and direct.

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  1. Forget those musical artists that claim to be "triple threats" - he wtites, acts AND directs!?

    The trailer looks riveting. What is the back story to this film?