Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ActNow: New Voices In Black Cinema Presented Legacy and...

...I am proud to report the screening was a success!

I attended the 6:50 showing, and it's a good thing I bought my ticket in advance because it was a sold out show! I spoke to a couple of people who stood in the back the entire time because the theatre was so packed. It was nice to see the audience so excited and anxious for this film. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out!

Aaron Ingram, ActNow Founder, greeted the crowd as did Council Woman Letitia James. Director Thomas Ikimi also said a few words and then the movie began. If you want a full review of the film check out Tambay's review on Shadow And Act. I'm not going to review the film. Instead I am going to quickly and succinctly discuss why Idris Elba's Legacy is important.

The psychological thriller, written and directed by British Nigerian Thomas Ikimi, steers clear of the current formula of black cinema. Hollywood may feel their current contribution of films revolving around family dinners and church picnics are enough to sustain audiences seeking diversity, however moviegoers want more. ActNow events are so successful because they cater to the needs of frustrated audiences. During the Q&A Thomas Ikimi discussed Legacy not being a black film, but a film with a black cast. The response drew a rousing applause from the crowd. It was what many people have been waiting for. Legacy proves that you can have an all black cast with a theme universal to us all. It is a film that made us sit up and pay attention. We all wanted to know who is Malcolm Gray and why is he unraveling before our eyes.

Ikimi asked everyone who went to the screening to go to IMDB and leave a comment on the message board. The film will be opening in theaters soon, so help generate some positive buzz :) You can also leave comments here. Did you enjoy the movie? Tell us in the comments section and check out some pics below.

Aaron Ingram, ActNow Founder and Writer/Director Thomas Ikimi.
Thomas Ikimi discussing the film with an audience member.
Thomas Ikimi and Tambay taking questions from the crowd.
Legacy after party. Guests mixed and mingled.
Ikimi hung out and answered everyone's questions.


  1. The movie was incredible.The storyline flowed very well throughout the movie. Idris performance was one of the best I have seen from him; He truly embodied his character and made me believe he was a torn ex solider. Amazing acting all around. I also went to the 6:50 show and listening to the Director's commentary, especially about the intricacies of the film made be appreciate the film more.

  2. This movie was truly a success. Idris did what he does best. I look forward to seeing him in other films like this. I hope ActNow will continue to show more quality films like this. Thank you ActNow, thank you Aaron.

  3. It was a great story that kept you on your toes and kept you wondering. Thomas Ikimi is definitely a talented young man and a very real individual. This film is going to open doors for Idris Elba and he is only going to get better.

  4. Had a blast watching the film, especially in my local community! I'm very moved by the journey of the director and was thoroughly impressed with his film writing abilities. I wish him and this project the best of luck, it's well deserved after such hard work!

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