Monday, August 2, 2010

ANF Bimonthly Short Film Collective Presents: FRANTIC

FRANTIC (adjective)

- Excited with strong emotion or frustration.

- Distracted by Fear. Pain. Joy.

- Frenzied.

We over at ActNow know the 3 things you will be doing Wednesday Aug. 11 at 7:15pm (doors open @ 6pm).


You will make your way over to Littlefield (622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY 11217). Once there you will prepare yourself to enjoy an evening of short FRANTIC films. Here is a little a taste of what the filmmakers have in store.

“BREAKTHROUGH” by Celia C. Peters

When a nightmare becomes too real one woman wakes to find she is in more danger that she ever dreamt.

“WEAKNESS” by Wanjiru Kairu. Executive Producer/Writer Abdu Simba. Produced by Alodu Simba & Ekwa Msangi Omari.

When a recovering alcoholic in severe debt goes to his brother for one more loan the brothers get more than they bargained for.

“WATERS” by Yana Bille

What begins as a normal day turns into a women’s ferocious attempt to break free of contamination.

“GUN PLAY” by Michael Boogie Pinckney

A young man’s decision will forever change his life.

“F*CKIN’ LIAR” by Celia C. Peters

A snapshot of the very tricky nature of deception -- it’s enough to drive you mad.

“CONSEQUENCES” by Darren “NICE” Malone

A nineteen-year old mother’s reckless behavior puts her family at risk and now she must face the consequences.


After the screening give a round of applause because these films are amazing! Then stick around and mingle with some of the ActNow staff. We are pretty awesome people.


Get home safely. Once home get on the interweb. Log on to the ActNow Blog and comment on your favorite shorts of the night!

Which of these films are you most looking forward to? Let's talk about it.


  1. Although all of the short films sound really interesting, "Consequences" and "f*king liar" both called out to me and sound really interesting. I can't wait to see the films this week!

  2. I also think all the films sound interesting. I can't choose! I'll have to wait until I view all of them, then blog a/b which ones I felt moved me most.

  3. I look forward to seeing these films. I will post a comment after seeing them.