Monday, August 2, 2010


Welcome! You have entered the ActNow blog and we are ready to serve you a healthy helping of the arts.

Lead by Executive Director Aaron Ingram, the ActNow Foundation is a not-for-profit company created to provide a platform for ethnically and racially diverse artists. We supply a home for filmmakers, producers, writers and actors who are eager to share their stories with limitless creativity.

Throughout the year ActNow hosts events that will take you on a journey that enriches your cultural background. One of our most popular expeditions is the ANF Bimonthly Short Film Collective. Twice a month ANF screens short films from the African Diaspora, Latino community and other underrepresented backgrounds. The films are all tied together with a common theme. Our next screening will be on August 11th at Littlefield. The theme is: FRANTIC.

This blog will be the go to spot for all your entertainment needs. That means when you want to check out stellar shorts, tantalizing theatre or fulfilling features you go to this spot!

Now that you know us, we want to get to know you.

In the handy dandy comments section tells about an amazing theatre and/or film experience you had. Did a film change the way you view the world? Did a certain play give you goose bumps? Let’s talk about it.

I’ll get the ball rolling.


  1. ActNow is a great community where artists can come together and share their art. People, ActNow is the organization to support!

  2. A great film experience I had was watching the film GLORY in my history class. My teacher made us watch it after a lesson we had. Everyone in the class was so affected by the film and we couldn't stop talking about it.